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Image courtesy of The Women's Library, LSE


If you'd like to contact us about the project or want to submit your own research then please contact us via the form below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.



Please complete the form below:

Thank you contacting us


Your name and email (personal data) and message on this contact form will be sent to both collaborators on this project: Sarah Richardson, University of Warwick and Tara Morton, independent researcher and creator of Mapping Women’s Suffrage. The University of Warwick will store your data to respond to your message for follow-up, and use the anonymised message content to learn and improve the Mapping Women’s Suffrage website including use in internal reports. Your personal data will be deleted once these activities have taken place, and will not be passed-on to any other third party. By clicking the ‘Send Message’ button below, you agree to this use of your data.

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