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Mapping Women's Suffrage

Overview Video

MWS brings together academics, local and family researchers and archivists to create an unprecedented map of Votes for Women campaigners across England in 1911 - here is an overview of our website and interactive map.

Lockdown Learning: Mapping Women's Suffrage in the Black Country

This video was produced by the Black Country Studies Centre as part of their Lockdown Learning series in Summer 2020.

Mapping Women’s Suffrage - Historical Association Webinar

Tara Morton (Mapping Women's Suffrage): The video was originally recorded for the Historical Association webinar series in June 2020.

Legacies of the Suffrage Movement with Helen Pankhurst CBE

Helen Pankhurst CBE (Great Granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst) with Hannah Squire and Helen Bratt-Wyton (The National Trust) 

Mapping Women’s Suffrage and Me: Researching your Suffrage History

Clare Wichbold & Margaret Scott (Local History & Family Researchers) and Tara Morton (Mapping Women's Suffrage) with Professor Sarah Richardson (Warwick University) 

‘No vote, no census’: The 1911 census and suffrage protests

Vicky Iglikowski-Broad (The National Archives)

Suffrage Music & Songs: Empowering voices past and present

Professor Sarah Richardson (University Of Warwick) and

Tara Morton (Mapping Women’s Suffrage)

In conversation

with Coventry Atlas

Dr Ben Kyneswood (Coventry University)

Sharing suffrage stories: Mapping Women’s Suffrage and ‘Our Ethel’ in Kent

Jennifer Godfrey (Suffragettes Of Kent) with Tara Morton (Mapping Women's Suffrage) & Guests

Madge Turner and the campaign for women’s suffrage

Nichola Court (West Sussex Records Office) discusses Ethel 'Madge' Turner and the campaign for Women's Suffrage in West Sussex

Film 32: Amazing Women:

Mapping Suffrage

Dr Sarah Richardson - University of Warwick.
This month the Resonate Festival showcases Amazing Women, focusing on women’s lives, women’s stories, and the work of great women who have pushed all areas of all our lives forward.

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