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Coventry Women’s Suffrage Walk

Saturday 19 March 2022 - 11:00 12:00

Start: Coventry Transport Museum, CV1 1JD


It was November 1908 and two intrepid women, Helen Dawson and Alice Lea, were chalking advertisements on the pavements of central Coventry to raise awareness of the forthcoming meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union at the Baths Assembly Hall.

In spite of being drenched with waste water, they carried on and the meeting went ahead led by Sylvia Pankhurst. This was not the first time Coventry women had taken part in the struggle for women to get the vote, and it certainly would not be the last.

This walk around central Coventry will highlight the story of the city, its people, and the fight for women to get the vote in the years before World War I. Histories of women’s suffrage often focus on London and the national leadership, but this walk will reveal there are plenty of local contributions and fascinating encounters which show that Coventry had an important part to play. Learn about the local struggle and what this says about citizenship today.

The walk will focus on ten local Coventry women who played a role in the fight to obtain the franchise. It will also highlight key buildings/sites in the city and reveal what happened in the election of December 1918 when women first exercised their right to vote.

The walk will take around 2 hours and is suitable for people of all ages. Free event but places are limited so advance booking is essential. Please register via the link below.



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